About The Team

Scuderia Ferrari Club Surrey is a member of the worldwide Scuderia Ferrari Club organization who's founding member is Ferrari S.p.A. SFC Surrey has a very experienced team of dedicated Ferrari experts to help make your experience more enjoyable.

Our steering committee consists of well known Ferrari drivers and enthusiasts including Chairman Peter Jerram, Matt Bray, Elias Elia and Brian Ferris.


Our current President, Brian Ferris, has over 5 decades experience with Italian supercars; in sales, in service and in racing. He started as a trainee in a Ferrari Maserati service centre in 1968. He began racing an Alfa Romeo in the same year, then later graduating to 'monoposto' FF to FA to F2. Also for many years an Italian supercar dealer and Ferrari purist's restoration specialist. Also first active importer and sole factory distributor for Maserati and Lamborghini in SA before divesting in 1988.

Honorary Chairman is David Piper, a motorsport legend who's career started in hillclimbs in the 1950's and swiftly progressed through to Formula One and then to eventually settle in GTP "big-bangers" where he had the greatest success. Here's where David Piper started driving the Ferrari 250 GTO, then later 250 LM's and P2/P3's. David Piper is also very well known for his roll in the blockbuster cult movie Le Mans (with Steve McQueen), driving a Porsche 917 and many other successes in Lola T70's and other legendary racing cars. He still drives some of them in historic events at Goodwood and many other events around the world. A very successful career which is still well managed by his wife Liz Piper, (now also our Honorary Club Secretary), and famous in her own right for participation in the Rob Walker Formula One Racing Team; perhaps the most successful privateer F1 team ever.  



                                 You do not need to own a Ferrari to join the club. This is the club for all 'Tifosi'.


About The Club





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